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100 & 125 Grain

Cutting Surface Area | .180 square inches

Cut Diameter | .910 inches

(Our standard Annihilator has the largest cutting surface area of any other broadhead. See chart under product images for more information.)


125XL & 150XL Grain

Cutting Surface Area | .1815 square inches

Cut Diameter | 1  1/16th inches


-4140 alloy steel hardened to Rockwell RC: 52 for superior edge retention and insane durability.

-Can be easily field sharpened flat on a stone and reused.

-Fits any insert / halfsert / outsert system that uses a standard 8/32 thread pattern (Annihilators are not available in deep six)

-Heads are batched within 0.2 grains of each other.

-Designed and manufactured in the USA.

-Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect.



These are general recommendations. Every setup is different so it’s best to test for yourself and discover what works best for you. Please reach out to us if you need more specific help!


– Crossbow and traditional bow shooters should consider higher FOC options like 125-grain heads or heavier OR add more point weight with heavier inserts.

– Annihilator XLs will be slightly more forgiving with shot placements due to the larger cut diameter. They do produce larger holes in animals than the standard size Annihilators.

– Standard size Annihilators should not require much if any broadhead tuning and can be shot with any vane configuration and will also be our highest penetrating broadhead.

– Larger cut broadheads in general require more steering for optimal flight so Annihilator XLs should be paired with fletchings similar to either ~3″ or greater in length or a 4 fletch. No matter which vanes you choose, it’s also a good idea to add a helical and / or offset.

– If you are on the fence about which Annihilator to shoot, the vast majority of Annihilator customers shoot our standard size 100-grain broadhead.


“I’ve gone 3 for 3 this year…your broadheads are so durable you’ll lose them before they break!” Andrew C


“Your broadhead did outstanding…  my bull only went 30 yards!” Brian S


“Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about its size being compared to my mechanicals. I had my first pass through since I got back into bowhunting. This head left a great blood trail and the buck piled up within 50 yards. Thanks for making a great product!” Jeff D


“My buck ran all of 9 yards, stopped like nothing happened, then fell over….the other day I shot a doe and she fell in her tracks. I LOVE THESE HEADS!” Chip W


“Special thanks for an amazing broadhead. I made a 10 yard shot on a whitetail and it didn’t make it more than 20 feet… I have never seen a deer fall like that on a rib shot pass through.” Sylvain H


“I’m here to tell you that a broadhead that can group 3 bolts at 100 yards… one bolt split and the two others have fletchings ripped off is impressive…Annihilator Broadheads are 2nd TO NONE.” Carol B

“I can honestly say I’m impressed with how little I had to adjust from shooting my mechanical heads, thanks guys.” Michael H


“Besides what it has done to the deer I have shot, I really like the style and the strength is insane. Thank you for a high quality broadhead.” Robert W


“I had some friends who were doubters as I used your heads. One deer I shot blew through the scapula and the other quartering away hard….both were pass throughs and now my friends are buying Annihilators now.” Brian K


“Thank you for an AWESOME broadhead, complete pass through at 31 yards and the deer was trashed.” Brad E


“I met you guys at the GAOS show, put a monster hole in my turkey and my friend shot a nice 10 point with your amazing broadheads.” Dan K


“Shot a buck the other day, went 30 yards and dropped stone dead.” Logan M


“Shot a deer at 20 yards…your head went through the shoulder and came out the rear hip on the opposite side…very impressed with the Annihilators!” Nathan B


“My daughters only 15 and she used your heads out of her crossbow. I was a little skeptical at first but man your head did an AMAZING job on a big ol’ hog…I’M SOLD!” Jeff T


“Annihilator Broadheads doing the job….More liver in my quiver than left in the deer!” Chris P


“Annihilator bull down….love these broadheads!” Eric Z


“Wish I got more pics of my hog but it was a complete pass through and then stuck in a log. I gave my buddy my arrow with the same Annihilator on it, he passed through a hogs shoulders and the broadhead was still razor sharp!” Matthew D


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