100 & 125 Grain Cutting Surface Area | .180 square inches (the largest cutting surface area of any other broadhead)

100 & 125 Grain Cut Diameter | .910 inches

4140 alloy steel hardened to Rockwell RC: 52 for superior edge retention and insane durability.

Can be easily field sharpened flat on a stone and reused.

Fits any insert / halfsert / outsert system that uses a standard 8/32 thread pattern (Annihilators are not available in deep six)

Heads are batched within 0.2 grains of each other.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.


We’re working diligently to meet growing demand. COVID isn’t helping. Thank you for your patience as we ramp up production! Orders are currently processed and shipped within 5 days from your order date. All domestic shipments are 2-3 day shipping from the date you receive tracking details. 


Warranty against manufacturing defect: Lifetime

We stand behind our product with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Patent # US D891566 S

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