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Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller of Annihilator products! Your first step is to complete this application.

If approved, an account will be created for you on our online portal. This portal will provide you with details on pricing, instructions for how to program orders and when. This account also makes it easy for fill-in orders, order history, managing multiple ship locations, and more.

Upon completion of the below form one of our team members will review and respond via email within 2 business days.

For questions or other inquiries related to reseller accounts, please email

Summary of Terms:

  • All new dealers will be reviewed and require approval before first shipment is processed.
  • Guaranteed delivery within 3 weeks of ship date for all Pre-books. 
  • Pre-books due no later than February 1, 2024 to receive discounts.
  • Online sales of Annihilator products ARE permitted on dealer owned website. All internet dealers must get website approval prior to selling or displaying Annihilator products online. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Selling Annihilator products on public marketplaces or public domains is NOT PERMITTED (ex: eBay, Amazon). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Dealers are placed on Credit Card only terms. Pre-books are invoiced 1 week prior to ship date. Invoice must be paid before shipment can go out. Pre-books are shipped in the order payments are received.
  • Alterations to Pre-book orders must be requested 30 days before ship date. Any alterations greater than 10% of broadhead qty to Pre-books will result in loss of Pre-book discount. 
  • Dealers must comply with the Annihilator Broadheads MAP policy. Failure to do so may result in loss of dealer privileges.
  • For complete terms and conditions visit