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Returns and Warranty


If your Annihilator Broadheads or are not what you were looking for, send them back. We want you to shop with confidence and know that we've got your back if things aren't ideal.

Please read the following Return Policy carefully:  

  1. In order to return or exchange a product, it must be unused, clean, and must still have the original packaging. 

  2. Items may be exchanged or returned for a refund within 30 days of the original purchase date. Items must be sent back to the Annihilator Fulfillment address below and post-marked within 30 days of purchase. We DO NOT provide prepaid shipping labels for returns or exchanges, unless the item has a default, issue of some kind or requires a warranty claim. The customer is expected to pay the full cost of shipping items back for exchanges or returns. Items purchased on sale, during  promotional periods or at a discounted rate cannot be returned for a refund. Valid proof of purchase is required for authorization of all returns and exchanges.

  3. If you want to make a return or exchange reach out to us directly through our Contact Us form before returning your product. We handle each situation delicately and want to make sure you have the best customer experience possible. A member of our staff will respond within 48 hours of any return or exchange request. In some cases our staff may ask for additional information. Responding in a timely manner will help us to process your refund or exchange promptly. Once reviewed and approved via email, you will be required to send back the items. We will process the refund or issue a replacement within 2 business days of receiving the items at the below return address. Please be aware that it takes up to 10 business days from the date a refund is issued before funds are returned into your bank account. 


Send returns and exchanges back to:

Annihilator Broadheads 
335 S Edgewood Ln, Ste 130,Eagle, Idaho 83616


Lifetime Warranty:

Annihilator Broadheads are extremely tough and durable designed to take abuse in any hunting condition. Our customers can expect to be able to shoot Annihilators over and over. However, it is possible manufacturing flaws or blemishes may exist that cannot be identified during routine inspections before broadheads are sent out. 

We want our customers to have full assurance and confidence with the purchase of Annihilators so we offer a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in craftsmanship / manufacturing for all Original, Single Bevel, and Hypo Series broadheads that come out of our factory.


This Lifetime Warranty is for the following:

Porosity and / or hardness outside our acceptable tolerances where pitting and / or brittleness may cause any part of the broadhead to chip, break, or crack under “normal” shooting or hunting conditions.


Details and Instructions for filing a Warranty Claim:

  1. “Normal” is defined as shooting the broadhead into an animal or intended manufacturer’s target designated for the repeated use of shooting of arrows out of bows and or crossbows wherein the head comes into contact with any part of an animal or only the structural part of the intended target, wherein such target does not manifest foreign material in the target itself.

  2. All areas of the broadhead including the tip, forward attack and rear attack edges, post / threaded area of the shank up to and the shoulder, and area touching the bottom bell base of the head itself are all covered under the lifetime warranty if indicating a porosity or hardness defect revealed through “normal” shooting conditions.

  3. Breakage or significant chipping of the head or blade edge from the described issue must have the expected appearance of a porosity or hardness issue under the “normal” shooting conditions. Any evidence of damage caused by what appears to be abuse will not likely be accepted for replacement under a warranty claim. Examples of abuse include the appearance of any part of the broadhead that significantly bent, gouged, deformed, or blunted. Such damage would require significant abuse above and beyond any "normal" shooting conditions out of a bow or crossbow.

  4. To file a warranty claim, reach out using our Contact Us  form and submit to us a description of the issue and your order number or the location of where the broadheads were purchased. A team member will reply within 2 business days requesting photos of the issue. All warranty claims will be reviewed and accepted at the sole discretion of the Annihilator staff member. If a determination is made to accept the warranty, a replacement will be sent out at no cost to the customer including shipping expense. However, we may request the damaged broadheads to shipped back to Annihilator for further inspection.  


If you have any questions or concerns about our Refund, Exchange or Warranty Policies, please reach out via our Contact Us form and allow up to 2 business days for a response.