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Yes, all Annihilator Broadheads are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA including our steel. In fact, our Pint Glasses and Targets are too!

Yes! We recognize setups vary drastically; however, we have thoroughly tested all Annihilator Broadheads with a variety of shooter types having different setups.

Annihilator Broadheads fly fantastic out to long ranges grouping with field points with any well tuned bow.

We highly recommend rest tuning aka walk back tuning. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure your broadheads hit with your field tips assuming you have the correct spine on your arrows.

Annihilator XLs may drop out past 60 yards for arrow speeds under 285 ft/s. XLs may require more lift generated from your vanes to carry out to further distances with slower arrow speeds.

If you are seeing any deviation from your field points, please reach out so we can see if we can help in any way. Annihilators should be grouping for you!

Check out this helpful guide along with some bonus recommendations!

Absolutely! Annihilators fly great out of any bow setup... slower arrow speeds, low-poundage bows, high-speeds including crossbows all see exceptional flight compared to field points. You can expect great performance no matter your setup.

Yes! We can make Deep Six threads upon special request for no additional charge. Contact Us if you would like to place a special order.

Yes, they can get some surface rust because they are made from an alloy with high carbon steel. The broadheads ship with a light coating of oil and are put through a black oxidization process that acts as a pre-rust. So if your broadheads get any rust, it will be surface rust only and is easily removed by wiping off with an oiled rag. We highly recommend 3-in-1 oil. For the exposed edges, simply sharpen the broadhead with a few passes on a flat diamond stone.

Partners and Discounts

Yes! We use both Guidefitter and ExpertVoice for all professional discounts. Please make all purchases through these partners to get a discount!

These professionals may qualify:

Guides & Outfitters


First Responders

Outdoor Brand Employees

Conservation / NGO Employees

Outdoor Educators

Outdoor Retail Associates & Buyers

Our dealer programs are competitive and easy to get started. Fill out our brief application here. An Annihilator team member will review your application. If approved, we’ll send you an email with account details. Approved dealers are authorized to only sell out of a physical retail location and not online. Home based archery shops will not be approved.

Yes, reach out if you are interested and think you could be a good fit for Team Annihilator. For all hunters interested, we’ll be looking for those with extensive personal experience with our broadheads in the field and are as passionate about shooting our head as we are in developing it!