The Annihilator was engineered to be the most lethal, strongest, true flying broadhead ever produced. A new shape defining an evolution in broadhead efficiency to ethically take game with a bow or crossbow.


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We believe there is no greater satisfaction than harvesting an animal with a bow. The season is short and the time most of us get to spend hunting is even shorter. For years we dreamed of developing the most efficient and reliable fixed blade broadhead ever produced. We wanted something that flew accurately, caused animals to expire faster, and could be used OVER and OVER! As a result, we developed a truly unique broadhead, one you can confidently depend on no matter the size of game.


We eliminated all surfaces that cause broadheads to fly inconsistently. The Annihilator is a smaller cut, single piece, fixed-blade broadhead with no vents or cut outs and 100% symmetry on three sides. The back-scoop wedge design creates the perfect amount of lift for optimal flight stabilization.



You can expect long range field point accuracy out to as far as you can effectively shoot with zero chance of a mid air failure. And it’s deadly quiet.


The Annihilator wedges its way through an animal’s cavity significantly reducing friction on the arrow shaft while moving mass and keeping open a large wound channel, accomplishing greater penetration efficiency no matter your arrow weight or bow set up. 


The wedging effect as it passes through an animal works similar to how a maul displaces and splits wood more efficiently compared to a standard axe. It’s the only broadhead designed to intentionally displace animal tissue and wet viscous material away from the arrow shaft or bolt to reduce total drag of your entire projectile as it passes through an animal. This penetration efficiency is compounded even more with lower poundage shooters!


While other broadheads are designed to kill through cutting and lacerations alone, the Annihilator adds steps to lethality other broadhead shapes cannot accomplish. With increased cutting surface area radially from the arrow shaft, the Annihilator uniquely induces high and low pressure while entraining air into the animal cavity creating internal pressure changes helping to collapse the cavity faster.



The Annihilator is a cut on contact wedge that will bore a hole in the animal’s cavity larger in size than its cut diameter. Holes in the animal cavity compounded with induced pressure swings will produce a faster and more consistent death, time and a again, making it a more effective and more ethical option to screw onto the end of your arrow.

ONE BRIEF EXAMPLE: Hog shot at 55 yards with a 65lb bow using a 100 grain Annihilator on a 430 grain arrow. Complete pass-through the shoulder and came out the opposite side. Top left is the exit hole. Top right is a cleaned up view of the Annihilator exit hole relative to the larger exit damage. Bottom left is the wound channel. Bottom right is the entrance through the shoulder plate. Hog died within 15 yards.
Resharpen Flat On A Stone


The vast majority of broadheads are a one shot use. Moving parts, fasteners, cut outs, etc. all weaken the structural integrity of a broadhead. The Annihilator is investment cast out of a solid piece of 4140 Alloy, one of the toughest high carbon steels available. It is hardened to the perfect Rockwell (52) for exceptional edge retention for that material.

The Annihilator doesn’t warp, bend, or break when passing through an animal, no matter the shot placement. If you want to resharpen, simply lay it flat on a diamond stone and take a few passes. Getting a factory edge can be done in the field in under 5 minutes. Next time that grouse walks by, don’t be afraid to send it then use the same head to whack your dream big game animal!

The Annihilator is pretty much indestructible. Your arrow shafts and arrow components typically fail before the Annihilator tip or edges role over. Additionally, Annihilators are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect.


The Annihilator Broadhead is unlike anything else out there. Its single piece design flies quieter with increased accuracy delivering more damage all while penetrating deeper. The Annihilator was born out of a passion for the hunt. We believe you will have a hard time finding a broadhead you will be more satisfied with.

We stand behind our product with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Patent # US D891566 S

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