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At Annihilator it has been our passion to design broadheads that are outside the box. Broadheads that produce more than just results! The original 3 blade Annihilator flat out performs in every scenario. It produces trauma in animals similar to the combination of a broadhead’s lacerating effects coupled with cavitation left behind from a bullet.

Bow hunting began with simple concepts put into place by simple people to sustain life. Out of that strive and determination to take down game from a distance, Native Americans constructed simple but effective 2 blade broadheads in various shapes and sizes. Because the 2 blade broadhead is easily flaked off or chipped away from materials such as obsidian and flint, this made the shape of the broadhead readily available. This shape of a 2 blade broadhead by itself, has very little drag making it perfect for their primitive and unimaginably slow bows of the time. 2 blade broadheads are still very popular today because of the above characteristics…and face it, they just plain look like they mean business! 

What if we took the features of the original award winning Annihilator and molded them into the 2 blade broadhead platform? What if we added more blades and positioned each in a way that benefited the blade opposite the next? What if we gave it more cutting surface area than a regular 2 blade broadhead and adapted a total of twelve (12) single bevel opposing cutting blades each of which correspond to Annihilator's patented scoop technology? What if this new “2 blade” caused cavitation as well? The result would be a whisper quiet, field point accurate, bone crushing, extremely sharp, insanely lethal broadhead that does not need rotational forces to open wound channels or bone like a normal 2 blade broadhead and once attached to an arrow shaft, now also removes virtually all drag on the overall arrow projectile for unparalleled penetration. 

Not only does our “2 blade” flatten animals, it leaves them behind and wants to be unleashed on the next one!  We welcome the KATANA 2 BLADE with open arms and are pumped to have it in our broadhead line-up. We are honored to be able to remember our bowhunting heritage, its past, and give respect with regards to where all modern day broadheads came from. We are blessed to be able to offer this new broadhead to the bowhunting community in 100/125/200 grain models.

At Annihilator we are not satisfied with meeting just the standard...that's not in our DNA...the evolution of our broadheads will always continue to push the envelope! 

Micah Brown and Brandon Brodie