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Black / Black hats are Yupong 6606

Loden / Black are Richardson 112


Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh
Adjustable Snapback
One Size Fits Most

“I’ve gone 3 for 3 this year…your broadheads are so durable you’ll lose them before they break!” Andrew C


“Your broadhead did outstanding…  my bull only went 30 yards!” Brian S


“Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about its size being compared to my mechanicals. I had my first pass through since I got back into bowhunting. This head left a great blood trail and the buck piled up within 50 yards. Thanks for making a great product!” Jeff D


“My buck ran all of 9 yards, stopped like nothing happened, then fell over….the other day I shot a doe and she fell in her tracks. I LOVE THESE HEADS!” Chip W


“Special thanks for an amazing broadhead. I made a 10 yard shot on a whitetail and it didn’t make it more than 20 feet… I have never seen a deer fall like that on a rib shot pass through.” Sylvain H


“I’m here to tell you that a broadhead that can group 3 bolts at 100 yards… one bolt split and the two others have fletchings ripped off is impressive…Annihilator Broadheads are 2nd TO NONE.” Carol B

“I can honestly say I’m impressed with how little I had to adjust from shooting my mechanical heads, thanks guys.” Michael H


“Besides what it has done to the deer I have shot, I really like the style and the strength is insane. Thank you for a high quality broadhead.” Robert W


“I had some friends who were doubters as I used your heads. One deer I shot blew through the scapula and the other quartering away hard….both were pass throughs and now my friends are buying Annihilators now.” Brian K


“Thank you for an AWESOME broadhead, complete pass through at 31 yards and the deer was trashed.” Brad E


“I met you guys at the GAOS show, put a monster hole in my turkey and my friend shot a nice 10 point with your amazing broadheads.” Dan K


“Shot a buck the other day, went 30 yards and dropped stone dead.” Logan M


“Shot a deer at 20 yards…your head went through the shoulder and came out the rear hip on the opposite side…very impressed with the Annihilators!” Nathan B


“My daughters only 15 and she used your heads out of her crossbow. I was a little skeptical at first but man your head did an AMAZING job on a big ol’ hog…I’M SOLD!” Jeff T


“Annihilator Broadheads doing the job….More liver in my quiver than left in the deer!” Chris P


“Annihilator bull down….love these broadheads!” Eric Z


“Wish I got more pics of my hog but it was a complete pass through and then stuck in a log. I gave my buddy my arrow with the same Annihilator on it, he passed through a hogs shoulders and the broadhead was still razor sharp!” Matthew D


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