Frequently Asked Questions

Are your broadheads made in the USA?

Yes, Annihilator broadheads are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

Do your broadheads drop at long ranges?

Every set up and shooter is different; however, we have thoroughly tested the vast majority of set ups and have seen excellent long range accuracy compared to our field points across the board. You should expect the same results. If you have a different experience, please reach out so we can see if we can help in any way. 


We’ve held 1 inch groups with field points at 100 yards out of a Raven crossbow. These broadheads fly great. If your bow is reasonably tuned they should be flying for you. 

How do I become a dealer?

Our dealer programs are competitive and easy to get started. Fill out our brief application here. An Annihilator team member will review your application. If approved, we’ll send you an email with account details. Approved dealers are authorized to only sell out of a physical retail location and not online. Home based archery shops will not be approved. 

Do you offer any military/veteran/first responder discounts?
We do not currently offer military/veteran/first responder discounts but are looking at how we can offer that in 2020.
Do you have a pro staff program?
We are not currently accepting applications for any pro / field staff positions. For all future opportunities, we’ll be looking for people who have extensive personal experience with our broadheads in the field and are as passionate about shooting our head as we are in developing it!
Can I use these broadheads with crossbows, traditional or low-poundage bows?
Yes, hunters with slower arrow speeds/low-poundage bows and hunters with high-speed crossbows alike have seen success with the Annihilator. You can expect great performance no matter your setup.

Do the Annihilators work with Deep Six inserts?

No, we do not currently offer Deep Six options for the Annihilator.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, you can select your shipping options during checkout. If you do not see options to ship to your country, please contact us.

Will these broadheads rust? And if so, how do I remove it?

Our broadheads ship with a light coating of oil and are put through a black oxidization process that acts as a pre-rust. If your broadheads get any rust it will be surface rust only and is easily removed by spraying the heads with WD40 or mineral oil and wiping off with a rag.
For the exposed edges, simply sharpen the broadhead with a few passes on a flat stone to remove any remaining rust.

We stand behind our product with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Patent # US D891566 S

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